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What’sbespoke tailor?

Jantzen Tailor

A bespoke tailor specializes in creating custom clothing, meticulously crafted to meet the unique specifications of each individual client. They work closely with clients, guiding them in selecting premium fabrics, facilitating design discussions, and ensuring an impeccably tailored fit. The result is a distinct and refined wardrobe that epitomizes the client's personal style and preferences, showcasing the bespoke tailor's mastery of their craft.


Why tailor?

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

A bespoke tailor suit ensures a flawless fit tailored to your measurements, providing unmatched comfort and confidence.

Personalized Style

Personalized Style

Customization options let you create a suit that reflects your unique taste, personality, and individuality.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Bespoke tailor suits are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials, guaranteeing exceptional durability and timeless elegance.


Why Jantzen?


Choosing Jantzen Tailor offers several compelling reasons. With a heritage since 1968, Jantzen brings decades of experience. Their in-house factory ensures quality control and exclusivity. Moreover, Jantzen values clear communication with customers, prioritizing a personalized and attentive experience for optimal satisfaction. At Jantzen Tailor, our customers are our top priority, and their satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.


Steps of a bespoke suit?


Initial Consultation

The bespoke tailor guides the customer through fabric selection, style preferences, and fitting options, helping them make informed choices.



Accurate measurements are taken to ensure a precise and personalized fit, capturing the unique contours of the customer's body.


Temporary Fitting

A preliminary fitting is conducted using a basted or unfinished version of the suit, allowing the tailor to assess the fit and make necessary adjustments.



Regular and clear communication takes place between the tailor and the customer throughout the process, discussing any modifications, preferences, or specific requirements.

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